Massage Services

At Revive Australia, we offer a focused range of Massage Therapy types in our  Waterloo studios. Our passion and focus is on delivering those to the highest standards of knowledge and training.
Scroll down to read more about Remedial, Sports, Relaxation, Pregnancy and Lymphatic Drainage Massages below…

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Sports Massage

30mins $65 / 60mins $120 / 90mins $165

Sports Massage techniques and pressure will vary depending on where the client is in their training program.
Sports Massage can be inclusive of recovery massage after big athletic events. Here the focus is on flushing and working through the muscles to improve recovery times.
It utilises a lot more dynamic techniques such as stretching, myofascial release and rock-taping deep tissue work. Active release techniques may also be used. The idea being that we can soften the muscles quickly and painlessly.
There is less intention towards specificity and trigger points, unless very active and currently painful. The focus is geared towards general long strokes, stimulating blood flow. This also frees up any muscle tension while simultaneously causing minimal discomfort.

Remedial Massage

30mins $65 / 60mins $120 / 90mins $165

The definition for Remedial is “giving or intended as a remedy or cure”
Remedial Massage is a very thorough and precise all over massage. It is designed to smooth out any areas of tension or knots you may have.
Remedial Massage can also be an all over, general massage. The therapist treats you head to toe finding and releasing tension as they go.
It can also be a very targeted, focussed session. For example a dedicated leg session or an upper body, shoulders and neck treatment. This option is ideal when you have specific concerns.
The massage can be inclusive of skills and techniques like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, dry needling and cupping – all of which we are skilled at at Revive Australia. Remedial Massage is a starting point from which each therapist can add techniques and skills for their clients full benefit.

Relaxing Massage

30mins $65 / 60mins $120 / 90mins $165

Relaxing Massage is a gentle, full body treatment, lighter in touch and focused on flow and rhythm that promotes deep relaxation. Relaxing Massage will help your mind as well as your body with heated massage tables, hot creams, and soothing ambiance.

Come see for yourself why over hundreds  Google and Facebook 5-Star reviews say we offer “Sydney’s best massage therapy”.

Pregnancy Massage

60mins $120 / 90mins $165

Pregnancy Massage can be performed in remedial style or more towards relaxing – performed on ladies at all stages of pregnancy. We are well-trained and experienced in side-lying position for advanced pregnancy and we help many happy mums through their pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and wanting Pregnancy Massage, in Sydney, please, let us gently take care of you too with our experienced massaging hands. Ask for Pregnancy Massage at our Bondi Junction or Waterloo Studio.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60mins $130

Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a type of a therapy that encourages the natural flow of the lymph – a fluid that runs through our body performing many important functions. It provides affected sites with an increased amount of cells responsible for immunity and cleaning up of the area, and carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart and into the liver where they are processed. This type of treatment uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph towards the lymph nodes and thus to reduce toxins, and or fluid build-up in your body.  Lymphatic Drainage is often used in hospitals in Europe, where it helps to reduce swelling, fluid retention, scar healing post emergencies, and beauty surgeries. Not yet common in Australia – but we are bringing it here for you.

Please be advised, Manual lymphatic drainage is not covered by health fund claims.

Benefits include:

  • Accelerated wound and scars healing (post surgeries, plastic surgeries, lipo-suctions, breast augmentations, face-lifts, tummy tucks etc)
  • Helping with sinus congestion, respiratory problems, colds
  • Reduction of swelling (lymphoedema, post-op water retention, puffiness.)
  • Boosted immune system (lymph holds the body’s auto-immune system bodies that travel faster and act better when flushed in and out of the affected areas)

In our treatments we use a range of tools and techniques – such as:



Gentle release of connective tissue – Fascia



To loosen muscles, tissue & stimulate circulation



Delaying fatigue, helping recovery & postural correction



Manual release of the “knots”



High powered Massage Gun ( with 2000 vibrations/min)



Release of the “knots” using Needles

What length to book?

30mins Massage session


Not recommended for your first visit as your therapist might need to take time to investigate the issue before treatment. It’s ideal for existing clients needing follow-up treatment to a certain area – like shoulder or neck or hip…

60mins Massage session


Most popular session – usually allows enough time for a very thorough treatment of area in pain/trouble/ imbalance or general full body massage

90mins Massage session


For those who are lifting heavy, flexing hard, run far or work heavy physical jobs -this is the session we recommend!


Make sure you click YES on confirmation email/text, please……and you are booked! Email or text should arrive instantly with all the details of the booking – so have a look and make sure all of the details are correct. See you soon ?