I am Kashi. I come to you from Shiraz, Iran by way of Sweden. I have spent my life in training, competing and coaching as a martial artist. I enjoy the challenge of pushing my abilities and senses to their limits, not only focusing on specific skills, but total fitness of the body, mind and spirit. I’m a certified group exercise and personal trainer, a boxing coach and Persian Yoga teacher, Master of Electrical Engineering, MBA graduate and a doctor of Chiropractic.

I now use my skills and knowledge to enrich the lives of others, helping them to increase their quality of life and to manifest their higher, stronger, selves. I have a special interest in, and experience with, treating neck, shoulder and back pain, specifically from sports injuries, for martial artists, strength athletes, dancers and yoga practitioners; I use time-tested traditional as well as modern evidence informed treatment modalities and movement and rehabilitation therapies to treat my patients as a whole through a personalised care approach aimed at empowering my patients to care for themselves in the long run and to live strong and painfree lives.

Helping others, Persian Yoga, and being a good father to my son are my greatest passions. I also enjoy reading, spending time in nature, good music, food and friends.