Frequently Asked Questions

Revive Australia is committed to providing all our patients with exceptional care, when a person cancels last moment on a short notice, they prevent another patient from getting treatment. Therefore, we have 24h cancellation policy.

Moving appointment /rescheduling it in the last hours before your massage is considered a cancellation. So is forgetting / missing / going to the wrong studio.

Please let us know at least 24h earlier if you need to cancel or you will be charged the fee.

We accept several mode of payment, such as, credit card payment via our EFTPOS, online transfer, and payment by cash or PayPal.

YES! Depending upon the terms and conditions of your private health cover, you may claim on health funds. We are covered by all major health funds in Australia.

Ask your practitioner for details.

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You can contact us over the phone at 0424 897 331, or email us at to book your next appointment towards a healthier you! Text / email / call bookings only available for existing clients – due to no shows and cancelations new clients need to put their details online.

If it is your first visit with us, we would like to gather as much information as possible to have the best understanding of what is happening to your body and how we can help you in most efficient way. Your therapist will introduce themselves, and take you into treatment room, where they might ask you to partially undress to be able assess your posture, alignments, imbalances, ranges of motion and any other test that will allow them to determine the source and nature of your problem. After discussing with you your treatment plan – they will leave you to get ready for massage – please remove your clothes and jewellery and leave them on your chair and in the basket provided, so they don’t block your therapist’s way. Your therapist will then comeback and proceed with a treatment, if you feel like you need more pressure or less, or if you are too cold or too warm just ask them to change temperature of the table, the room, or to change the music.

Some of the Sports and / or Remedial Massage techniques can be uncomfortable at times, as we might need to apply some deep pressure to make changes to your tight muscles and to release knots (trigger points). Your therapist might need to perform certain stretches and mobilizing movements – which they will demonstrate and guide you through it.

We might need or suggest using other massage tools like the massage “gun” – powerful vibrating tool, or we might need to use gliding cups or RockTape or even dry needling; if this is the case – your therapist will ask / inform you prior to using them to get your permission. Most of the treatment however is preformed using hands and arms.

After the treatment is completed, you will be left alone to get dressed and your therapist will wait for you to discuss the outcome and make recommendations. In most cases one treatment is not going to resolve all of the issues – and although it is very likely that you will feel much better, it is most likely that you will need to rebook a follow-up appointment within next few days. In the years we have worked and clients we have seen we continuously find passion and motivation watching our clients get better and perform better, and now we want to help you


Since the benefits of the treatment don’t end as soon as the massage does, we recommend giving your body few hours to rest and let the healing process take place. After loosening muscles and fascia and other tissues – many organs and glands are stimulated and produce numerous hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters that will circulate the body accelerating further cleansing and healing.

So if you can, rest and relax enjoy a heathy drink, don’t vigorously exercise of get back into very stressful environment if you don’t have to. Having a walk or a stretch or a nap are our favourites.


Depending on situation you might need to come back in 3-4 days or week or two. If your problem is acute and you are in a bit of pain, we usually need to start easy as muscles are usually spasming and are hypersensitive. We might then recommend shorter more frequent visits. If you are regular gym person – or rather not a regular person that regularly goes to the gym (see what I did there?) you might be coming weekly or fortnightly for your recovery sessions. Your therapist will make a recommendation so talk to them.