Cristian has begun work  as a massage therapist in 2001 , offering deep tissue, sports, and remedial body work. Having worked in prestigious health clinics SPA and in a physio centre  in Italy, and now here in Sydney since 2013, he is passionate about assisting people reach their ultimate health.

Cristian’s dedication to health and wellbeing has seen him explore studies in Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Dynamic Energy, Aromatherapy, and Shiatsu treatment , myofascial cupping , sport massage work with soccer player on the field, he has gained an intimate understanding on how to unravel the body from pain and dis-ease, and encourage optimal function.

Everything harmonized by a daily training routine ad meditation.

As a Pilates instructor trained, he gain deep understanding of posture and causes of muscles pain due to unbalance.

Dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, Cristian continues to expand his knowledge and skills

with a holistic philosophy to balancing the body and mind.

His mindset to health is more than his vocation… it is his life’s work/passion.

Little introduction story and personal approach

My name is Cristian, I was born near Venice, Italy & I’ve been a massage therapist since 2000.

Since 1993 as a sport person, I have been involved in running, teaching swimming, break dancing, in-line skate, climbing, martial arts, stretching, snowboarding, skiing, and a bit of bike racing.

I’ve always be interested in how the human body works and what are its limits.

I was fascinated to discover over the years the key to healing – trough all natural techniques& therapies like massage, reflexology, essential oils, traditional Chinese pints, and techniques like cupping and Remedial Massage.

That’s why I have later decided to study Applied Kinesiology in 2010 that included techniques of Chinese points meridian, and even some food relation.

By performing many hours of massages I have also acknowledged that some techniques work very well some works less with different people  so every time I do a treatment, I start to research by:

– Testing some muscles and check the range of movement and the responsiveness how strong they can resist.

– Massage all the muscle involved related with that pain

– Check the postural habits of the person and how to correct

My results come also from every injury that I experienced:

bulging disk, frozen shoulder, knee dislocation, ankle dislocation, neck strain.

Fortunately, I have never broke a bone!

Consequently, I don’t want anyone suffer long time before find a resolutive treatment, that’s why I do everything in my possibility to eliminate the cause of the problem, frequently based on by how I healed myself and how the good therapists helped me.

And that’s the reason I love working with the best trained and educated Massage Therapist in Sydney. I look forward to meeting you all – just book me at REVIVE 😊