We welcome you to experience for yourself why our clients say repeatedly that we provide the “best Sports Massage in Sydney”, the best massage therapy in Sydney overall in many cases.  We have over 250 5-star reviews (and growing daily)  on Google and Social Media from people who come back again and again for Sports massage,  Pregnancy Massage or Relaxation Massage in Sydney – not just residents, visitors to Sydney are referred to us too! Check out the reviews on Google.

Maybe you have arrived on our site because your back pain is getting annoying or maybe after a few visits somewhere else you still don’t feel any better, or maybe it’s something else completely.

We view remedial and sports massage as the first line of defence against musculo-skeletal pain. There are many other modalities too, some more specialised some more spiritual-ised.

Over the combined 35+ years in this industry working at various massage therapy and other clinics in Europe and Australia,  the interesting thing is that back pains as well as sore neck and shoulders are common and occur everywhere.

We work with all sorts of conditions yet being athletes ourselves, we love looking after fellow athletes with Sports Massage. Since opening Revive Australia in 2015,  we have served over 9300 massage therapy clients and had the privilege and pleasure to work with so many incredible and talented athletic competitors of various disciplines.

We are relatively young as a business focused on Sports Massage in Sydney, but at our core, we have been offering massage therapy to Sydney since 2001 – yes some of you weren’t even born yet.

Rest assured that we have the same passion for our clients now as we had then. Yet now we have so much more knowledge and experience to serve you even better.

You will be greeted in Waterloo and Bondi Junction by passionate, well-trained and well-educated staff that will be there to listen to your needs and address your situation appropriately.

From a warm friendly handshake to nicely heated electric massage table, we make sure that everything is up to high standards and (we hope) beyond your expectations.


The specifics of what techniques we use, how much we charge, who you might book, and how you can find us, is in the relevant sections throughout the site. The BOOK NOW button is ever present – however somewhere on THIS page a CODE is hidden – find it and type it in (the NOTE section) when booking next time and receive 30% off your next visit.

Since we come from a sports background, we are goal-oriented. So when we don’t compete with each other (or ourselves) we do our best to help those who come to see us improve as soon as possible. Even when we aren’t providing massage therapy in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or training physically, in our spare time we simply enjoy listening to podcasts, reading or watching documentaries on topics of interest.

You can say, we were born to do this and we couldn’t be happier.

One of the reasons we are ‘happy’ is: when we get home from multiple comments like “feels so much better” after  Sports or remedial massage, seeing some of our clients feel relieved of back pain and stiffness, or they can finally move their neck again after massage therapy – its very gratifying. Some no longer feel a headache anymore and others are finally relaxing and can sleep better from a relaxation massage.

Another reason is that we get to see some of our work “at work” on various tracks, stages, podiums, and arenas. We also get to read beautiful reviews from our clients in Google or our Facebook page or in Mindbody booking system and Truelocal directory pages.

See more of our clients reviews here – over 250  5 Star reviews – so yeah, we really love coming to work – to do it all over again!!

If it’s your first visit with us we will take the time to find out what is happening and what massage treatment will be best suited for you unless you already know what you’re after then we can do that for you.

We perform postural assessment and check if legs, spine, shoulders are even – as lack of symmetry can cause muscle pains or uneven joints, progressively leading to nerve pains and other unpleasant problems.

The massage treatment itself is performed using soothing oil on the skin and possibly other massage tools including elbows, suction cups, massage vibrating tool, dry needles, or rock taping. All of this would be discussed and explained prior.

See holistic Chiropractic services details here.

For your initial consultation, we recommend longer appointments – from 60 Minutes. However, we will always do our best to accommodate and help a client in pain.

Accreditation and Training for Massage

  • Master’s of Physical Education (Coaching).

  • Diploma of Remedial/ Sports Massage and Nutrition

  • Certified in: dry needling; myofascial releases; muscle energy techniques; rock taping (we continue to expand our skills and knowledge in these areas.)

  • 12 years experience working alongside of chiropractors and osteopaths – watching them carefully and absorbing their wisdom.

  • We regularly train and exercise in different sports (from snowboarding to surfing to American Football and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as weight lifting) to maintain strength and fitness levels and to understand more of how the body acts, wears and recovers from those activities.

  • We continue to read, watch and talk to other specialist in associated fields.

  • We take pride & joy in being able to help thousands of clients so far. Their recovery & their high achievements are our driving force and fuel our passion.

We ask you to please consider doing your body a favour, come and see what we can do for you.