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If something is worth doing - it's worth doing well
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Maciek (“Magik”) is skilled and experienced Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist.

He has been treating patients for almost 15 years in many parts of the world.
His qualifications include a master’s degree from The Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland; diploma’s of Sports and Remedial Massage and Nutrition from Sydney as well as many other courses he has attended across Australia.

His experience includes working alongside those at the Sydney Cricket Grounds with some of Sydney’s best footy and rugby player and in Adelaide within the community of bodybuilders, fitness competitors, cross-fitters, and ballet dancers at the Southside Clinic. He also has acquired experience at the Elixr Heath Clubs in Bondi Junction where he worked alongside yoga and pilates instructors to assist members.
The Bondi Junction Osteopathy Clinic practitioners also welcomed his collaboration.
His passion is sport – surfing, snowboarding, gym and American Football, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as camping and travelling.
At work he is energetic and enthusiastic and focused and determined to help anyone with their problems – be it elite athlete, weekend warrior or average Jane or Joe.

Your treatment with Maciek will be professional and effective and you can rest assured you will be in good, strong hands.