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"Prevention is better than cure."
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Dr Igor Mirkin is a registered Chiropractor with over 20 years of
experience in treating back and neck pain, joint pain, strains and
sprains and all sorts of disorders of musculoskeletal system and
sports injuries.

With a Bachelor of Advanced Science from the UNSW and A Master Degree
in Chiropractic from Macquarie University
Igor is a chiropractor with a difference.

His treatments involve a lot of soft tissue work as well as joint
mobilization and, if deemed required, joint manipulation.
Such treatment regime has been proven to provide faster recovery and
longer lasting benefits for the patients.

Igor has worked alongside some of the world’s leading osteopaths at
Bondi Junction Osteopathic Clinic.

Dr Mirkin has a diverse range of personal and professional interests
such as fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle etc.
Most of his patients come back to see him regularly for maintenance
and injury prevention.

Igor is very friendly and easy to communicate with at any time.
Book to see Dr Igor Mirkin and not only your body will feel the
positive difference, you will also discover how to keep it that way.